Thursday, October 21, 2010

Idealistic or Realistic?

I've been slow at blogging lately, having nothing to really say or not so much say but get my words and thoughts straight so that it actually will make sense. So instead, I am going to write about the ideal guy. (My friend actually came up with this idea.)
I like guys who:
-Long board (haha of course this isn't a requirement)
-Don't care what anyone else thinks about them
-Are really passionate about a certain something
-Are kind, generous, honest, caring... (That could go on for a while)
-Are free spirited and open-minded
-Has a talent of any sort, even if it's down right embarrassing :)
{ That's kinda sorta probably where my list just about ends...for now } 

Whats your ideal guy?( even if you already have one) That's okay if you're completely unrealistic, actually it's encouraged :)

Wair Blaldorf
Haley + Colleen

And anyone else who isn't tagged that wants to answer, feel free :)


  1. When I was younger this was my ideal guy:

    They had black hair and green eyes
    They were taller and older than me
    They loved to read
    They were happy to sit in and watch tv and not want to go out clubbing
    They had to be romantic but also a tad sarcastic
    They had to love me completely and stay faithful
    They had to be passionate. Passionate in their love and in everything they wish to do in life

    And I was lucky enough to find a man who met these ideals and who I can call the love of my life :)

    Hazel xxx

  2. Loves Life (and me :) )
    Is intelligent
    Fights for what they believe in
    Kind and caring towards others
    Somewhat good looking
    Shares my sense of humor