Monday, May 9, 2011

school and people

School has been so slow lately. I just never feel like doing any work lately. In Geology I decided to just look up cat pictures. Right now I'm actually in Tech Theatre, I'm supposed to be doing sound. I had an article due a couple days ago but I still haven't handed it in, not that they take marks off for it being late anyways.
I work today, right after school which is that great but any who,
people aren't as nice as they seem. It's like summer is coming and every ones just fed up with everyone. They've all forgotten their old values and morals and now it's just like a huge free-for-all. But it's hard because it seems a if I am the only who hasn't completely dis concerned everything, except for school work that is. I should probably go now though because I need to start a new sound play.

Have a good afternoon :)

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