Thursday, August 19, 2010

::King Midas::

" Hail, Midas. Ha ha ha! Thou, rascal, thou. Shall we turn the Earth to gold? The rivers, the mountains, the stars, the moon, the sky... a universe of gold! "

I've always found something special about the story or rather myth of 'King Midas' Golden Touch'. He was capable of hospitality but yet it was greed. His beautiful gift became a curse. In the time of  fear he realized that with nothing, with no love what could he do? Midas couldn't touch anyone, it was as if he was no longer human. Accidentally killing his daughter, he realized what he truly wanted in life. It is no lie that King Midas turned everything to gold, but it wasn't gold he wanted, was it?

...I bleed the colour of love but only through my fear...


  1. King Midas is one of my favorite stories with one of the best morals. Money will not buy happiness.

  2. honestly, i've never really liked "king midas". i never really understand why he wanted all of that (well, i was in 5th grade when i first read it), but now i've realized that king midas' problem is a problem that the whole world is facing -- greed.

  3. If you ever read the, (not kids version) I guess you could call it that, it's actually really good. Full of wisdom and a lot more thoughtful.