Friday, August 27, 2010


I've read this series called The Mortal Instruments and will soon be reading The Infernal Devices. They are absolutely amazing books. The feelings you get when reading them are indescribable. For some odd reason, whenever I hear certain Owl City songs they totally remind me of the story. It's quite crazy and I don't know why because they don't at all match. But it's just this feeling I get when I hear them. Odd, I know.
       So I was wondering... do you associate any songs with something completely opposite?
"So tell me darling, do you wish we'd fall in love?

Yeah, all the time, all the time"
-Saltwater Room

"Take me above your light

Carry me through the night

Hold me secure in flight

Sing me to sleep tonight"
-Hello Seattle

"Sands and gears, oh, how the daisies bloom

When chandeliers light up the engine room

Can you feel the drops as it starts to rain."
-Umbrella Beach


  1. i might have to check those out! i don't know about music, but i definitely associate smells with certain feelings and moments in my life