Sunday, August 15, 2010

+Something New+

I've decided to write a paragraph about the same thing and stay consistent but using 35 song titles ! The italics+bolded are the titles and commas are separating some. Here goes :)

Hey Jude,

Trust me, I'm in over my head but a love like this, can't let go. We thought that falling in love at a coffee shop was just a teenage dream but you made it real so never say never. Lie to me, talk to me because all you need is love. To be with you, a thousand miles I would walk. I can't stop loving you and without you, everyday is exactly the same. This isn't a lyrical lie so I must be dreaming because everything I ask for is you and I got you. Open your eyes, I won't break your heart. Big girls don't cry so I'll be gone going if you don't love me. Comfortably numb, I gotta feeling, I'm so in love with you. If it's love, I'm yours :) Don't leave me now, don't sail on sailor, take a chance on me...


Music is Love

Photo by :  ~Moe-zie of DeviantArt


  1. That's pretty awesome! Did it take you a long time?

  2. Thanks! It took like fifteen minutes, I just looked at my itunes playlist and used reandom songs haha.