Thursday, February 10, 2011



Today I learned that lethologica is the state of mind where you can not remember the word that you wanted!Well actually the correct definition(I just looked it up right now) is 
Definition: the inability to remember a word or put your finger on the right word
 I'm not really too sure the reason as to why I came across it but I did! Google is a magical place!

Yesterday my friend asked me a question that was quite simple and bland, you know, but it got me thinking. She said, "Where can you find a source for anything you want kind of videos other than YouTube." And I thought for a second, because of course I know of many other websites that provide things similar to what YouTube does but I really could think of anything better, or as good. Her question though was not really a question she said it more as a statement which was a realization to me as well as many other things. I'm still pondering...
But speaking of websites, I just recently experienced my first time on twitter when I really wanted a like button! Sometimes favouriting something just doesn't cut it. I mean there's a difference between something being a favourite and you liking something. I don't really want to favourite something like "Wait a second, shouldn't CarrotTop have green hair??" It just seems weird to favourite something like that but its something that totally deserves a like haha.
Which actually totally, yet randomly reminds me of "The Creep", have you guys seen that video by The Lonely Island yet? Its pretty funny, I think it's mostly because of Andy Samberg that it's so funny but most of what he does is funny! That's all I really wanted to talk about for now so...

Namaste, Ciao, So long, Farewell, Bon voyage, Live Long and Prosper, Cheerio!
-K  a  y  l  a

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