Friday, February 18, 2011

Quotes :)

I have found three quotes this week that I have fallen in love with,

The first one is by Dallas Green on making music
" I don't want to make people dance I want to make them cry"

I really like this one because I find Dallas Green ( from City and Colour and Alexisonfire) really inspiring. He said this when he did an interview for MTV, I believe, and he also said why this was. Dallas explained that it was because when he was happy he had fun, he went out and did things and when he was sad, that was when he wrote his music. I had the pleasure of seeing him live when he, along with the rest of the Alexisonfire band members, opened for Billy Talent and you could just tell that he had so much passion and life in each word that he sung.

I've always believed that you evoke the most emotion out of people when your making them sad or mad.

Second is by M.T Anderson in the book Feed
"You toss something up in the air and you expect it to come back down again."

To me, this means a lot. Or conjures me to think a lot anyways.

The third is actually a quote from a song by Matt Costa
"The castles we built were so tall, they only left us further to fall."

This one, I think, is sort of something all of us face at one point. If you become more and more something you either fall or keep building. And if you keep building you have to be aware of how far you can fall. Because sometimes you will fall...

These have left a lot for me to ponder this week...

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