Monday, February 14, 2011

The Bad Bus Ride

You know what makes me kind of mad? How the next generations are becoming more and more....
I don't know a word for it, there's lots actually, I'm not too sure if theres one word that sums it all up. There's not. One example, a couple days ago I was on the bus minding my own business, just waiting for my stop. It wasn't the best bus ride I've had, mostly because it was filled with annoying middle-schoolers. Not that I'm saying all middle-schoolers are annoying, but lately they aren't really proving me wrong.
So anyways I was sitting there when I hear some kid shout "Yeah! Like that cool poem in one of the twilight movies"(not that the book is good, but even so, your quoting the movie because you're too lazy to actually read something for once.) " You know the cool one about Fire And Ice??"
So I didn't even think about it for a second just kind of ignoring them, then I thought, wait what?! You are referring to one of the most amazing poems as "the one from twilight". Robert Frost being one of my favourite poets, I was about to turn around and give a full-fledged lecture about how you do not refer "Fire and Ice" as to being a poem from Twilight. And of all books, Twilight. Come on! I'm guessing they probably thought that Stephanie Meyer came up with it too. 
But right then I just sucked in a breath and faced forward hoping I could get off as soon as possible and trying my best to ignore these kids so that I truly did not freak out on them. However the next thing that came out of some other kids mouth was 
"Like OMG, you know the like song that OMG Puck sang last night? You know the one about Virginia? OMG what was it called. OH right Only the good die young. Like Glee is so amazing!" Or something like that. But that, now that made me really mad. Don't get me wrong I love Glee, but I know that they do not come up with these songs, a lot of the classics they sort of ruin, others are decent, but never ever never ever ever ever ever, do you refer to one of the best Singer/Song-writers as a song that was on Glee. If Billy Joel heard you, I'm sure he would have a few choice words for you. Well probably not. But my oh my kids these days!
I blame technology and parents. Not that I am not technology obsessed, I have a cell phone, iPad you know all of the like but quite honestly I wish stuff like this would have NEVER been invented! We would all be nicer, more respectful, probably smarter considering we use technology for everything now-a-days. Everyone relies on it way to much. We were quite fine thank you very much before all of this stuff. Not that I could give it all up and this is not because I couldn't live without it but the truth is, you can't. Society has made it so hard to not have your life revolve around all this stuff! It's quite horrible. Sometimes I just wish I was born in the sixties or something then I would just get a taste of life fully revolved around technology, but I would have lived in the good days too, the days where we did things without, screens or without texting. The days where you rode bikes for fun right up until you were in high school. Or you had to carry a boom box around to listen to music. But I won't drown you with my thoughts too much, and I should probably start my essay, seeing how it's ten pages due tomorrow and I'm not even half way finished!



  1. I often dream of living during the 40s. That would be ideal.


    In fact, I have my own series of why I hate Twilight and those who love it. I am a fan of drowning people in thoughts lol.

    Children these days... I tell you. They are basically awful. That's what it comes down to. Stupider, sluttier, lazier, fatter, superficial-er.


  2. Yes, actually I love reading your blogs posts about those because I don't think I could agree with everything you say about Twilight more!

    I'd like to believe or hope that it would change soon, but quite honestly I don't think it will. And I can't help but feel slightly hypocritic talking about 'kids these days' because I'm not that shy of being a child now haha

    And Thank you! I like yours too, even though it may not be new, but it is to me.:)