Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I miss when they used to put the film credits at the beginning of films. They did this because it was important to recognize everyone who put work into creating a piece of art. It was more than that too, it was so important that people know and understand the art of film. After all, it didn't just pop out of thin air. But now, the credits scroll at the end because who really wants to read a bunch of names, wouldn't they just skip through to the movie anyways?
Lets blame it on the producers.
They are the ones who have lost value in the work that people do. I hate to see what it's going to be like when all of the great film makers are gone. When it's all only a society filled of people who really don't care about that sort of thing. We lose our history, we lose the people that made a difference in filming history. But I guess it doesn't really matter anyways because film is less and less art and more and more about the less than decent story lines. If you want to make a funny story, write it down. Don't make it into a movie, films are for art.
Soon films won't even need cinematographers.