Thursday, April 28, 2011

Water Bottle Words

I've had so many exams lately and now finally I am done them all! No more studying, at least for a little while :) There are so many things that I am excited about lately :)
1. 321 Days until my Europe trip! It's far away but I get excited every time I think about it!
2. 92 Days until Center of Gravity!
This one I am quite excited about because it is the biggest beach festival in (the okanagan?). I'm actually not too sure. Anyways tonight at Tiesto, (I am so very sad that I can not go!!!!) they are announcing the lineup for Center Of Gravity! The two hours I have to wait to find out are going to kill me! Not literally of course.

I've started writing positive words on my water bottle like happiness, love and whatnot, because it's supposed to give you positive energy or something. Anybody have any other interesting ideas like that one? :)

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