Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

As I said the other day I went and saw the Adjustment Bureau. It was actually really good. I loved it because it was intense, suspenseful and absolutely everything else that goes with a perfect movie. I like that it was outside of the box or not exactly reality. It leaves you questioning and guessing but at the same time doesn't leave you hanging at all. And then above all it teaches you a really good lesson. Right when you thought you were watching this very unrealistic movie or I suppose if you believe in that sort of thing(secret reality), they go and teach you something very valuable in life.

It was kind of, or no exactly like all those Disney animal movies. You know that this could never really happen because a) animals don't speak and b) you aren't an animal but a lot of them have a lesson at the end. Sometimes it hidden but sometime they outright say it.
Which is why at the end of The Adjustment Bureau, I just sat there in awe thinking "wow they are exactly right" and millions of other things that raced around my head. See this is what I call ingenious, people who come up with things like that! Things that just make you think " so this is what they were getting at the whole time!" it's quite simply amazing. I love a movie that at the end you just can't say anything at all because it was just saw absolutely amazing that you can't say a thing at all, it's just wow!

This was an example of things I get extremely excited about that other people do not. :)

If you have no intent on seeing it, you should at least watch the trailer! :D


  1. i want to see this movie! Now, i will definitely go! :)

    ps. love your blog.

  2. Yes, you definitely should :)
    And thank you so much! That means a lot!