Monday, March 7, 2011

Music Now-A-Days...

My walls are bare now, all my pictures have been taken down.
White walls except for the one that's wall papered.

There is this song I really like that I only just discovered yesterday. It is called 9 crimes by Damien Rice. There's just something about very well felt duets that I just fall for every single time.

I'm actually quite disappointed in music now a days. Sure a lot of it is really great to dance to, but a lot of it isn't music anymore. I mean does anyone even listen to the lyrics anymore? Or do they just assume that if the beats hot it must be about all the right things? Well no Avril Lavigne, I don't want to hear about you justifying why you cheated on Derek Whibley.
And I love Enrique but tonight I'm loving you? Yeah...okay...those were the original lyrics...
Dub step is pretty cool, but Britney Spears just kind of ruins it. People who make music, or I guess it's not them so much but the people who create their music that they perform, if they do it to keep up with trends or whats popular, what will give them the number one spot is automatically off my list of good musicians. They should be creating music that they love and for themselves. It's just a bonus if people fall in love with it.
That's one of the reasons why I dislike 75% of all celebrities.

Any who, right now I'm listening to West Coast by Coconut Records You might like it, might not. Share with me one of your favorite 'real' songs :)

I really enjoy this picture :)

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