Wednesday, March 9, 2011


1) Post fifteen facts about yourself.

Lucky for me, they didn't say interesting.

1. I want to go to bed early, but I never do.
2. I have blue eyes.
3. I love conspiracies.
4. Dumb things make me laugh.
5. I am obsessed with film and music.
6. Sometimes I cry when really exciting things happen.
7. I'm working Tech crew tomorrow for a huge Dance performance.
8. This is my favourite number.
9. My friends won't go into HMV with me anymore because of the music I get.
10. I missed American Idol tonight and I'm sad.
11. I get excited over things people don't really care about.
12. My nails are always painted blue.
13. I wish I lived in Vancouver.
14. My favourite Greek god is Poseidon.
15. I can sit on stumble upon for hours!

I like keys :)


  1. I love keys!! i just got key earrings. and i'm really excited!

  2. such a pretty picture! when do you live now? I love Vancouver so much, but I go there too often.

  3. Oh I should get some key earings!

    I live in Kelowna (if you know where that is) about four hours away from Vancouver.
    I used to live in Vancouver and I miss it. What about you?