Thursday, March 10, 2011


I was a little girl

Alone in my little world

2. Talk about your piercings or tattoos, if you have any.

This one is sort of weird haha. Well I only have my ears pierced, two holes on each side. Maybe I'll get a tattoo someday but it will really have to mean something you know? Because it will be there for the rest of my life! I don't want something that I just really like now, but then again maybe I'll never get a tattoo. Who knows?

I guess to make this a smudge more interesting I'll show you some more pictures I found :)

Who dreamed of a little home for me

I played pretend between the trees

And fed my house guests bark and leaves

And laughed in my pretty bed of green

I had a dream.

Dream by Priscilla Ahn


  1. I agree with the possibly getting a tattoo but only getting it if it's meaningful thing.
    Very cool pictures by the way!

  2. i will never get a tattoo. i'm too chicken lol

  3. haha yeah, if I got something it would have to be very small. And I might cry through the whole thing.