Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Tonight I am going to go see The Adjustment Bureau! I think it will be a very good movie! Has anybody seen it? I don't really like Emily Blunt that much, but I don't not like her, so that's okay I guess haha.

I just finished watching Harvey (The 1950's original) I love that movie! It was probably the 100th time watching it, but its just so funny! I saw the play not too long ago too so it was sort of fun to compare the two.

I want to see Unknown so badly! Liam Neeson is amazing! Actually speaking of Liam Neeson, I just watched The Next Three Day two weeks ago. It is now my favourite movie! Paul Higgs is officially on my top three favourite directors of all time! Its absolutely amazing! Russel Crowe and Elisabeth Banks are also spectacular. In my opinion, it is her best movie so far. There are just so many good movies out there, I'll never get to watch them all :(

So guys, what your favourite movie and why? :)


  1. I liked the Next Three Days! I have not heard of this Adjustment Bureau though. I have varied few favorite movies they are

    You've Got Mail
    She's The Man
    Phantom of the Opera
    Die Hard
    The Lion King

    Yea. See what I mean about varied? Anyway, my favorites are usually the ones that make me feel the best when I'm done watching them. And they all usually include some undeniable spark of adorableness, badassery, or hilarity :D

  2. Those are really good movies! Haha, my favourite movies are quite varied as well. I completley agree. If thw whole movie is really good but then completley fell apart at the ending and it does leave you feeling good, then it isnt really a good movie.